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Saturday was literally the most amazing day of my life!
We went to see All time low, and while we were waiting in line Masketta Fall showed up and I freaked the hell out.
(you can see in the photos, Braden failed at getting on the bins. Nice)

but I got to hug Moli and I was shaking afterwards, I had no idea I’d get to see both my favourite bands in one day

so yeah we saw all time low and it was fucking incredible! and JACK MADE FUN OF MY DANCING. I was doing an awkward shuffle thing after everyone stopped dancing and jack looked out at me, laughed, and copied my dancing, grinning, and I fucking died of happiness.

it was so incredible and I can’t even find words for how great it was
and I hugged Moli and jack mimicked my dancing and yEAH I can’t be any happier

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